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At Collier Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, our state-of-the-art clinic is equipped with everything needed to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcomes, in a comfortable and friendly environment.

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Our therapists are experienced in sports-related injuries and are specialists in post-surgical and general orthopaedic rehabilitation. We offer comprehensive care for our diverse community of students, athletes, active retirees, and people with busy work schedules. It is our goal that patients know they are in the best hands from the time of their initial evaluation until they are discharged. When our patients leave our care, we want them to be confident they can continue to manage their progress independently in order to minimize the risk of re-injury.

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Post-surgical rehabilitation often begins within days of the procedure. After an initial evaluation, we guide our patients through all phases of care, answering all questions so they can be confident of a smooth recovery process.

In collaboration with Dr. Guerra, our therapists utilize the most current surgical protocols, based on researched outcomes and current trends in the orthopaedic community. We want to make certain that patients understand their surgery and all precautions associated with it. As patients advance through acute post-surgical care, treatment will be geared toward achieving their specific goals. Therapy will often finish with an individualized home exercise program and a "return to sport" program.

For non-surgical patients, our therapists will develop a rehabilitation program that fits the specific needs of each patient. We will complete a comprehensive evaluation to identify and address any specific deficits and limitations.

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Additionally, we have the unique opportunity to directly communicate with Dr. Guerra to make sure each patient’s recovery is maximized. Our team is committed to helping our patients return to the activities they love.


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