Orthopaedic Services

Shoulder Instability Treatment/Labral Repair

The shoulder can often become dislocated or slip partially out of the joint, a condition known as subluxation. This often develops as a result of a traumatic injury that may stretch or tear ligaments in the shoulder, and may cause it to become unstable. Patients with an unstable shoulder often avoid participating in sports or other activities they would otherwise enjoy.

Shoulder stabilization can be performed through an arthroscopic procedure that may involve reattaching loose or torn ligaments to the joint with the use of special implants called suture anchors. These anchors are used to relocate and tighten injured structures, and then disintegrate over time. Depending on the individual patient's joint stability, shoulder stabilization surgery can also repair tears of the biceps muscle tendon, a damaged rotator cuff, or tighten the shoulder capsule.


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